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Use "running" to know Suzhou and check the best place for Suzhou to run.
opens WeChat friends circle. Every day, people are drying out the running track of GPS positioning. In the morning and evening, all kinds of running races pass by. The transformation of life style, the popularity of mobile APP and other sports software, formed the running heat of Suzhou.

is lucky to have a lot of places to run in Suzhou. Let's run together.

site selection is mainly based on the following criteria:

1, good road conditions, not easy to hurt;

2, the line length is suitable;

3, human flow and car flow are moderate;

4, convenient transportation.

ring Jinji Lake runway

Jinji Lake night run is a course quite casual, the entire 15 km, while the whole long, but because of the link of Jinji Lake beautiful scenery, numerous scenic spots, the air is good, running on the feelings of pleasure, tired can rest on the side of the road, take a look at the scenery, laughing in the imperceptibly finish.
jogging in the ring of Yangcheng Lake
Yangcheng Lake has a coastline of 9.67 kilometers, the coastline winding, rich poetic, suitable for senior runners. Cars and people are very few; the ground has mileage signs, very humanized. There are a few kilometers of the plastic runway, without car, business and noise, the runner can enjoy the pleasure of running and the beautiful scenery all the time.
ring moat RoadThe
19 km loop passes through 11 ancient city gates and 21 cross moat bridges. With the slow flowing of the ancient city and the beauty of the breeze, it is not only a great joy for the runners but also an endless exploration of the history of Suzhou.
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ring Lake Park jogging

after 7:30 in the evening, the air of the Stone Lake Park is fresh, especially suitable for jogging. There are thousands of beautiful scenery around a thousand years of Stone Lake. The whole run is about 5 - 8 kilometers.
ring Taihu Avenue
Taihu Avenue as far away from downtown Suzhou, and beautiful environment, by many sports enthusiasts of all ages, the surrounding environment really have nothing to say, go absolutely worthwhile. The distance between the parking distance and the running end is far away, and the traffic should be paid attention to.
Suzhou Canal Park (reform construction now, in the first half of 2019, canal park will be restored to the sports theme park).The total area of
Canal Park is 170 thousand square meters, of which the water area is 25 thousand square meters, accounting for 14.7% of the total area, and the total area of land is 145 thousand square meters. The "pro - pigeon square" and "health paradise", which play harmoniously with birds, are very suitable for the night runners.
Dang Dang Park
Dang Dang city ecological park position

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