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Tao Shaoming (standing) and the cadets of "Tao Camp" in Africa.

in recent years, the increasingly hot marathon has been stirring in China. Tao Shaoming's "African Legion" has swept the major marathon events in China. From last year's North horse men's team champion, to April this year the Wuhan marathon men's three men and women's group of the crown runner up, Tao Shaoming has always maintained a precise attack.

behind the game is the performance, and the business. As the first Chinese long-distance running training camp in Africa, since 2012, he has built 6 Tao Camp in his name in Kenya, Ethiopia and Uganda, and more than 300 African players.

"this year (North horse), we will at least make sure to win a champion! Think of a way, no matter the man's woman, that's one of our expectations. " He said lightly.

marathon marathon
in the African training camp
4 years ago, when Tao Shaoming's first long distance running training camp was founded in Kenya, the "marathon upsurge" had not yet been formed in China. In a year, the marathon events of the country, big and small, were all 33. So many people admire his vision, he smiled and said he is not so great, just catch up with such a time".

actually, more than a dozen years ago he had the idea of going to a training camp in Africa. At that time, Tao Shaoming was the national team a marathon coach, perennial with a team game abroad, the mature system of sports agents and African athletes superb athletic level always let him envy: "I saw them with athletes to match these brokers, a game has very good results. I would like to have this training camp, and I'd like to see if Chinese coaches can bring Africans, and what level they can bring. "

Tao Shaoming graduated from the Shanghai Institute of physical education, from the beginning of 1989 when running coach, entered the national team in 1995. At first, he used to coach the issues from a professional perspective, the "African athletes" as a breakthrough in the domestic recruitment limitation, proving a path of the teaching ability. When he saw that excellent professional players could get high fees and bonus from a commercial competition, this commercialized mode soon realized that he could still do more. "I have dealings with European agents, knowing their identity and background. I think they can do that, we can do it, but there is no such platform." He told China News Weekly.
's long dormancy, in 2010, Tao Shaoming left the national team and became a professional marathon broker. He decided to try, make a training camp in Africa, develop his own athletes and take them to the business competition around the world.

East Africa plateau has always been rich in the famous long run. Living at high altitudes for years, people have good cardiopulmonary function and have the ability to carry oxygen more than other people. Early in the >

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