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The running market is warming up the sports brand to win the new opportunity.

some people say that marathon is the most successful event in the current domestic market operation. Due to the increasing popularity of mass fitness, the marathon race has blowout development in China. Besides the benefits of sports itself, sports related products sales, training and tourism also enjoy marathon dividends.
marathon has a positive correlation with the level of regional economic development, and the trajectory of the marathon movement in the world has proved this. A survey shows that people begin to pay more attention to health when the per capita GDP reaches $5000. At present, the most popular North and wide areas of the running movement have already stepped on this step, and people's life and sports ideas have changed greatly. Tan Jianxiang, a professor of Sports Science College of South China Normal University, said that the marathon fever is not only a result of the growth of a fitness crowd, but also a result of the development of the sports industry to a certain stage. "Mass fitness provides the mass basis for the competition performance, and the competition performance industry has also led to the mass bodybuilding boom. Create a marathon organization platform provides opportunities to show runners, make simple running more standardized, to keep it from a simple hobby into a game with quantitative results, become a fun thing, people pursue more exercise." Tan Jianxiang said.

competition and performance industry as the body of the sports industry, its small step can drive the development of a whole chain of sports industry. Sports products are the most closely related to competition performance. The marathon does not seem to need a professional field or equipment, but many sporting goods brands have increased the development of running products because of their fire. "The market determines everything, marathon has a broad prospects for development in China. It is now a year of dozens of games, and it will soon rise to a hundred times a year. The number of marathon races from thousands to tens of thousands of people is a huge potential market for these people to run. The public's concept of sports consumption is also changing. Tan Jianxiang said, "now is not a pair of sports shoes to make all the years. People are willing to invest in running and wear professional running shoes, clothes and accessories."

marathon heat has a huge market demand for running products, and it also stimulates the development of the sports market. Many traditional sports brands have changed their marketing strategies and followed the running boom. Almost all local and international sports brands have increased their investment in the running market, and running products have also become their main push series. In 2013, the famous sports brand Nike used the 25 year slogan "Just Do It" to "understand" in great China, which was impressive. The traditional sporting goods brands also actively develop running related products, stores set up running areas, and even run running events directly. The new venture has also locked the target with running related projects as a breakthrough in the traditional sporting goods manufacturing industry. At the same time, the sports goods manufacturing industry itself is also changing, the concept of "Internet plus" is widely used, pay more attention to science and technology and interaction. For example, you will gradually expand production from a pair of running shoes.

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